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  • sunflower buttons, sunflower button, sunflower fasteners, sunflower fastener, sunflower icon, sunflower icons, mini sunflowers, miniature sunflowers, dress it up, diubtn 937, fall buttons
    July 12, 2021

    Get Ready for Fall with these Sunflower Buttons!

    Get ready for Fall with these Sunflower Buttons!  These are lovely sunflower buttons from Dress It Up(r). These small sunflower embellishments are perfect for adding dimension to all of your scrapbook pages, cards, invitations and craft projects. This 2.75x4 inch package contains 6 identical sunflower buttons (or sunflower icons) that measure approximately 3/4in. and have shank backs. 

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  • dog figurines, dog figures, miniature dogs, mini dogs, toy dogs, plastic toy dogs, ust 1574
    July 10, 2021

    Now Here's Something to Bark About...Dog Figurines (UST 1574)!

    Now Here's Something to Bark About...Dog Figurines (UST 1574)!   These are miniature toy dogs! Make your "pawwty" perfect with these cute mini dogs. Package includes a variety of 12 dog plastic figures. Sizes vary (approximately 1-2in). These fun miniature dogs are great for dollhouse decorating, filling party loot bags, decorating the table setting, using as a gift topper, stocking stuffer or even adding a unique touch to the birthday cake. Great for children of all ages (3+).
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  • kitten brads, cat brads, kitty brads, feline brads, mini cats, miniature kittens, mini cat icons, silhouette cats
    July 3, 2021

    New - Black and White Kitten Brads (qbrd2117)

    New - Black and White Kitten Brads - 2 Poses - 12 Pieces/Pkg. (nmqbrd2117)!  The only thing almost as cute as black and white kittens are these black and white kitten brads.  These kitty brads from Eyelet Outlet(r) are available in a pack of 12 black and white pieces in two different poses. These cat brads are recommended for ages 8 and up. Each brad measures approximately 1.5-2cm x 1cm.  Use these brads for scrapbooking, invitations, and craft projects of all kinds.

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  • patriotic buttons, july 4 buttons, fourth of july buttons, stars and stripes buttons, independence day buttons, american flag buttons
    June 25, 2021

    Celebrate America's Birthday with these Stars and Stripes Buttons!

    Celebrate America's Birthday with these Stars and Stripes Buttons!   These stars and stripes buttons can be used for paper crafts, sewing, quilting and all DIY projects! These cute patriotic buttons include shank, sew through and are flat back buttons. This 3x3.5 inch package contains an assortment of nine july 4 buttons.
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  • sock monkeys, sock monkey craft kit, sock monkey kit, make your own sock monkey, diy sock monkey
    June 22, 2021

    Make Your Own Sock Monkey!

    Make your own sock monkey!  Sock monkey dolls are an American tradition that began in 1939. Since then, they have become a world-famous doll! What makes the classic sock monkey doll authentic is a pair of Rockford Red Heel Socks.

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  • sea life beads, sea creature beads, seal beads, turtle beads, whale beads, dolphin beads, kids beads
    June 16, 2021

    Summer Fun with Sea Life Beads (Darice 0726-79)

    Have big summer fun with these sea life beads (Darice 0726-79)!  This bag of sea life beads includes a variety of sea creatures, including dolphins, seals, turtles and whales, in assorted colors. Perfect for jewelry making, general craft projects, kids crafts and camps! The seal beads measure 0.75" x 1", the dolphin beads measure 0.875" x 0.9375", the whale beads measure 0.6875" x 0.875", and the turtle beads measure 0.8125" x 0.875". One 1/4 pound bag per package (approximately 80 beads). SMALL PARTS - Not for kids under the age of 3.

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  • white star buttons, star buttons, star shaped buttons, two hole star buttons, 2 hole star buttons, slf1.25-214, slimline series funtastics
    June 13, 2021

    Back In Stock - White Star Buttons (SLF1.25-214)

    Back in stock - White Star Buttons - 2-Hole - 1-1/8in. - 2 Pieces Per Pkg. (slf1.25-214)!  These are white star buttons from Blumenthal Lansing - Slimline Buttons Series Funtastics. These star shaped buttons are the best choice for basic buttons. These white star buttons have 2 holes and are 1 1/8in. in size. Sold in a pack of 2 pieces. Washable and dry cleanable.

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  • mini cat figure, miniature cat figures, plastic cat figurines, kitty figurines, gift for cat lover, us toy 1576
    June 9, 2021

    These Cat Figurines are the Cat's Meow!

    These cat figurines are the cat's meow!  These are mini cat figures from US Toy(r). These toy cats are made of plastic in a variety of breeds in playful postures. These miniature cat figurines make a great party decoration to top of a table or a cake, a fun party favor, or just a great gift for cat lovers big and small.  Cat size averages 2in. wide x 1 inch high.

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  • molded blue eyes, blue molded eyes, blue eyes, blue craft eyes, blue puppet eyes, blue creature eyes, blue doll eyes, blue eyes for crafts, darice 30054207
    June 7, 2021

    Bring Characters to Life with Blue Eyes! (darice 30054207)

    Bring characters to life with blue eyes!  These are Blue Molded Eyes - 15mm - 6 Pieces/Pkg. (dar30054207).  Personalize the faces of your custom dolls, puppets, and creatures with this six-pack of blue molded eyes. These 15-millimeter blue craft eyes are easy to apply with glue and have sparkling irises for an added magical effect. Their sparkling irises give your DIY characters and creatures a bright look.
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  • metallic blue stretch loops, blue stretch loops, pretied blue bows, premade blue bows
    June 1, 2021

    New - Metallic Blue Stretch Loops

    New - Metallic Blue Stretch Loops!  These are metallic blue stretch loops that measure 6 inches long. These metallic blue ties are sold in a pack of 50 pieces. Use these royal blue stretch loops to decorate boxes, favors, gifts and more. These blue stretch ties already have bows tied into them which makes decorating easy!
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