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Featured - Round Style Twined Bag Kit

Featured - Round Style Twined Bag Kit

Today we are featuring our Round Style Twined Bag Kit.  Learn to twine a small, soft round style twined bag. Twined bags are constructed similarly to twined baskets except because the materials used are soft in nature the result is a soft bendable bag. This kit will teach full-turn twining to create the alternating pattern. Prepare to spend some time (possibly more than 15 hours over several days) on this project. Weaving takes time and patience and the process and achievement is important to experience. Take breaks when you need and enjoy learning a new skill. Once you learn this skill you can apply it to many other materials and design options. Kit includes: Hemp twine and color photo instructions. You will need: scissors, ruler, time. Kit makes one bag about 3-½ by 4-½ inches. Ages 12 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages. Made in USA.

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