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  • Snowman Craft Supplies Are Here!
    November 26, 2020

    Snowman Craft Supplies Are Here!

    Making snowmen is so much fun during the Holidays!  Use these great snowman craft supplies for building small snowmen that can be used to decorate gifts and gift baskets, to use as ornaments, to decorate your Holiday table, and so much more.  A snowman craft project is a great indoor activity that your kids will love!  We offer miniature snowman top hats in two different sizes, mini snowman carrot noses in three styles (, and a vintage miniature corncob pipe that will add character to your snowman craft.
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  • Carrot Noses for Snowman Crafts
    September 24, 2020

    Carrot Noses for Snowman Crafts

    Is it too early to start planning for Holiday crafting?  Never!  These miniature carrots are perfect for the noses on your small snowmen!  They are finely detailed and look like real carrots in miniature size!  These carrot noses are straight...

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