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Miniature Jean-Francois Millet Painting - 2.125 x 2.6875 inches - 1 Piece (dar231418)

$ 7.95
SKU dar-2314-18

This is a miniature Jean-Francois Millet painting. This mini Jean-Francois Millet painting is perfect for giving your dollhouse some realistic touches you may have overlooked. Displayed in a wooden frame this miniature painting is a version of an oil painting entitled "The Gleaners" that was finished by Jean-Francois in 1857. This mini painting is also ideal for embellishing dioramas and craft projects alike. Great for breathing some life and character into your dollhouse. This miniature painting is realistic all the way down to the last detail. Painting measures approximately 2.125 x 2.6875 x .1875 inches. 1 piece per package.