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Duck Replica | Duck Figurine | Miniature Duck - 2.69 x 1.44 x 1.95in. - 1 Piece (sl233229)

$ 6.95
SKU sl-233229
This is a miniature duck (Mallard, male) from Safari Ltd.(r). The Mallard's scientific name, Anas platyrhynchos, means broad-billed duck, with Anas being the Latin for duck, and Platyrhynchos being ancient Greek for broad billed. The Greek Platus can be recognized also in the name platypus, with means broad foot. The male Mallard is perhaps the most recognizable of all ducks. Its stark green head, white necklace, and blue wingtip plumage characterize this famous bird, which can be found all over the world. With this beautiful duck figurine, make your own farm and get into the country frame of mind! This duck replica is realistic down to the finest detail, educational, and fun. This duck figure is suitable for a range of interests, including collectors, enthusiasts, teachers, and kids. Admire it on a shelf, use it in the classroom, or simply enjoy playing with it. This Mallard duck figurine has been individually hand painted, features quality construction, and without using Phthalate, Lead or BPA materials, and includes an educational hangtag in 5 languages. Measures 2.69"L x 1.44"W x 1.95"H. Recommended for children ages 3 and up. Sold as one piece per package.