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Blue Gold Gift Bags | Blue Gold Dot Bags | Royal Blue Satin Gold Pearl Bags - 5in. x 7in. - 12 Pieces/Pkg. (pm09221370)

$ 18.95
SKU pm-09221370

These royal blue satin gold pearl bags are luxurious satin bags that have a beautiful upscale appearance and measure 5in. x 7in each. These smooth satin bags are studded with small globular gold dots that glimmer in the light giving off a pearl-like shine. These blue gold gift bags are closed shut using a cord pull string in the same rich color as the bag. These blue gold dot bags are closed with a double ribbon tie. Bags are measured from the very top. Usable space below the ribbon pull is about 1" less. Sold in a pack of 12 pieces per package.