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Moon Tail Butterflies | Butterfly Clips | Moon Tail Butterfly Decorations - Assorted Colors - 4 x 3in. - 12 Pieces/Pkg.

$ 17.95
SKU pm-60910401

These are Moon Tail Butterfly decorations. These delicate Moon Tail butterflies are distinctive because their wings have long tails. The butterfly's wings are made of feathers, which further enhances their realism. The wings also feature printed patterns and glitter to create a beautiful sparkling effect. Each faux butterfly has an alligator clip glued on the underside for easy attachment. These butterfly clips come in an assortment of colors that include shades of pinks, reds, purples, greens, oranges and blues. Each package contains a total of 12 butterflies - 2 in each color. Each butterfly is approximately 4in. x 3in.