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Texas Longhorn Toy | Mini Texas Longhorn | Texas Longhorn Bull Figurine - 5.5in. L x 2.4in. W x 3in. H - 1 Piece (sl100261)

$ 14.95
SKU sl-100261

Longhorns are highly desirable for their resistance to disease and ability to survive in difficult conditions such as droughts. This lifelike, hand-painted mini Texas Longhorn features the massive horns that give the breed its name. Longhorns are quite variable in color, and this black-and-white coated figure reflects one of the many common types. This Texas Longhorn toy measures 5.5in. L x 2.4in. W x 3in. H. This Texas Longhorn bull figure features an updated coloration, with a black and white mottled coat, cream colored horns with black tips, brown hooves, and a pinkish gray nose. Non-toxic and BPA free.