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Poodle Figurine | Poodle Knick Knack | Poodle Replica - 1 Piece (sl100063)

$ 9.95
SKU sl-100063

This is a poodle figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). The origin of the poodle is a subject of heated debate. Some believe it to have originated in France, while others believe it to be German, where it was called the Pudelhund. In fact, the name "poodle" has its root in the german word "pudel", which means "to splash around". This is the same root word that gives us the English word "puddle". This beautiful poodle replica is hand painted with fine detailing for a realistic look. This poodle knick knack would make a fun toy for a child, a treasured addition to a collector, or a wonderful gift for a poodle lover. This mini poodle is made out of hard plastic that is BPA/phthalate/lead free. It measures approximately 3.5in. x 3in. and is sold as one piece per package. Recommended for ages 3+.