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Miniature Sloth | Sloth Model | Toy Sloth | Two Toed Sloth Figurine - 2.45in. L x 2.1in. W x 2.1in. H - 1 Piece (sl100117)

$ 12.49
SKU sl-100117

This is a two toed sloth figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Interestingly, the two-toed sloth actually has three toes on its feet! A more accurate name for this creature would be the “two-fingered sloth,” because they have two fingers on their front two limbs, which are more akin to arms with hands rather than legs with feet. While you might think a sloth’s super slow speed is a disadvantage when it comes to surviving in the wild, it actually allows them to survive on extremely low-energy diets. Also, because sloths move so slowly, they rarely attract attention from predators and can blend into the tree canopy where they spend most of their time. Despite their adorable appearance and gentle temperament, sloths do not make greats pets and are instead best observed with our scientifically true-to-life figurines! Docile, friendly, and quite slow, the two-toed sloth can be found hanging upside down from trees in South and Central America. Crafted by professionals and painted with immaculate precision, this two toed sloth model is exceptional as a gift for a nature enthusiast, as decoration for your desk or nightstand, or even as a toy sloth for imaginative play! There are actually 2 species of two-toed sloths, and this two-toed sloth toy figurine captures the physical appearance of the Hoffman’s two-toed sloth, which includes a light tan face with a light brown body. This miniature sloth is 2.45in. L x 2.1in. W x 2.1in. H and is non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.