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Toy Dairy Cow | Zebu Cattle | Ongole Cow Figurine - 5.12in. L x 1.73in. W x 3.62in. H - Hard Plastic - 1 Piece (sl100150)

$ 13.95
SKU sl-100150

This is an Ongole cow figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). The Ongole is a breed derived from domestic Zebu cattle, a type of cattle native to India. They are easily identified by their long, drooping ears, rearward facing horns and large shoulder hump. It also has a flap of loose skin around its chest called a dewlap. Ongole cattle are efficiently used in their native home for both work and milk production. They are usually docile and the bulls are very powerful, suitable for heavy plowing or car work but are not considered to be suitable for fast work or trotting purposes. These cows are fair milkers. This toy dairy cow measures 5.12in. L x 1.73in. W x 3.62in. H. It is largely white, with gray on its hooves and horns. Its udders and the inside of its ears are pink, and its nose, eyes and tail are black. Non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.