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Mini Palomino Mare | Palomino Figure | Palomino Mare Figurine - 4.75in. L x 1.8in. W x 3.95in. H - 1 Piece (sl150505)

$ 13.95
SKU sl-150505

This is a Palomino Mare figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Palomino refers to size and coloration. It’s a golden color accompanied by a white mane and tail in a horse between 14 and 17 hands high. A mustang is breed of wild horse found in western North America, descendants of horses brought to the New World during the Age of Discovery. This stunning mini palomino mare features a classic pose and slightly turned head to accentuate its sturdy musculature. At 4.75in. L x 1.8in. W x 3.95in. H, this palomino mustang mare is about the length of a soda can. Its golden color and flaxen mane and tail are complemented by white socks. This palomino figure is non-toxic and BPA free.