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Mini Gypsy Cob | Tinker Horse Figurine - 6.1in. L x 1.45in. W x 4.15in. H - 1 Piece/Pkg. (sl155005)

$ 14.95
SKU sl-155005

This is a Tinker horse figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Tinkers, also known as Gypsy Horses, Gypsy Vanners, and Irish Cobs, are a breed of horse developed by the Roma people to pull their caravans. They are usually piebald in pattern, with a long straight mane and “feathering” around their feet which gives the bottom of their legs a shaggy appearance. With its long straight mane, swept to one side, and the unique feathering around its feet, this Tinker is a striking figure. This mini Gypsy Cob is individually hand-painted and beautifully sculpted to capture all the fine details of the horse breed it’s based upon. The Tinker figure is 6.1in. L x 1.45in. W x 4.15in. H. Its mane is black and white, its coat is a piebald brown and white, and its hooves are a dark grey, hidden under its feathered ankles. Its nose is black and pale pink. Non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.