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Baby Goat Figurine | Miniature Goat | Kid Goat Figurine - 2.25x1.75x.6in. - 1 Piece (sl161229)

$ 7.95
SKU sl-161229

This is a kid goat figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Young goats are called "Kids." Domestic goats number well over 100 breeds, but all those breeds descended from the Bezoar ibex, a wild goat that inhabits the mountains of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. Bezoar goats have long, backwards-curving horns, and they live in groups in some rather harsh locales, including deserts and mountains. However, the features that ensure their survival in the wild also made them appealing to humans who began to settle in the fertile crescent of western Asia many thousands of years ago. This baby goat figurine is made out of hard plastic with fine detailing for a realistic look. This miniature goat measures approximately 2.25x1.75x.6in. and is sold as one item per package.