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Mini Black Sheep | Black Sheep Figurine - 3.15in. L x 1.38in. W x 2.95in. H - 1 Piece (sl162229)

$ 10.49
SKU sl-162229

This is a black sheep figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Unlike many other animals, white coloration in sheep is a dominant gene, rather than a recessive gene or mutation like albinism and leucism. Therefore, black sheep are fairly rare, occurring in about 25% of cases when two white sheep that carry the recessive black gene produce offspring. This woolly black sheep figure is putting his best foot forward. Finely detailed to accurately represent the crimped curly wool of sheep, each mini black sheep is individually hand painted and unique. Our black sheep figure is 3.15in. L x 1.38in. W x 2.95in. H, made out of hard plastic, and is non-toxic/BPA free. This sheep features the rare black wool coat seen in very few sheep. Sold as one piece per package.