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Miniature Arctic Hare | Toy Arctic Hare | Arctic Hare Figurine - 2.2in. L x 1.2in. W x 2.15in. H - 1 Piece/Pkg. (sl182129)

$ 9.49
SKU sl-182129

This is an Arctic hare figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Adapted to live in the cold and harsh conditions of the polar regions, the Arctic hare has developed an extremely thick coat and a high body fat percentage to help it stay warm. It is also exceptionally fast to avoid predators, reaching speeds of up to 40 mph (60 km/h)! Mainly distributed throughout the tundras of Greenland and northern Canada, the Arctic hare survives by eating woody plants, mosses, and lichens, which they must dig through the snow to find during the challenging winter months. Classified as “least concern” on the conversation status spectrum, the Arctic hare is densely populated and in no immediate threat of a population decline. If you decide to take this miniature arctic hare home, you might need to crank up the air conditioner so it doesn’t feel too out of place! Since the Arctic hare is skittish and lightning quick, our toy Arctic hare is certainly the easiest way to see it up close! Hand-painted and sculpted by experts, this Arctic hare model is 2.2in. L x 1.2in. W x 2.15in. H. Non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.