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Narwhal Figurine | Narwhal Model | Miniature Narwhal - 9.65in. L x 2.3in. W x 1.55in. H (sl212202)

$ 14.95
SKU sl-212202

This is a narwhal figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). A type of whale found in the Arctic waters of Greenland, Canada, and Russia, the narwhal is certainly one of the more unique animals on planet Earth. Believe it or not, the narwhal doesn’t actually have a horn; instead, it has a unique type of tusk! Narwhal tusks are actually an elongation of their canine teeth, and some male narwhals can actually develop two tusks. Learn more about this amazing animal with our true-to-life and scientifically accurate narwhal model! This miniature narwhal is 9.65in. L x 2.3in. W x 1.55in. H and is hand painted.  Sold as one piece per package.