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Miniature Penguin | Toy Penguin | South African Penguin Figurine - Plastic - 2.55in. L x 2in. W x 1.2in. H - 1 Piece (sl220529)

$ 10.95
SKU sl-220529

This is a South African penguin figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Also known as the black-footed penguin, the South African penguin is a species of flightless bird endemic the waters of Africa. They are a specialized aquatic predator and have specially developed flippers that allow them to speed through the water in search of prey. Crafted and hand painted by experts, this miniature penguin provides wonderful insight into this beautiful and unique creature with scientifically accurate and lifelike realism! Sliding along on its stomach, this toy penguin is ready to slip into the water in search for some tasty fish. Although African penguins share the predominantly black and white body coloration common to most penguins, they have a unique and distinguishing bright pink gland above their eyes. This penguin figure is made out of plastic and is 2.55in. L x 2in. W x 1.2in. H. Non-toxic and BPA free.