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Mini Wolf Pup | Wolf Pup Model | Toy Wolf Pup | Wolf Pup Figurine - 1.6in. L x 0.95in. W x 1.75in. H - 1 Piece (sl222929)

$ 6.95
SKU sl-222929

This is a wolf pup figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Interestingly, the birth of wolf pups is tied to the abundance of prey in the area in a multitude of ways. For example, the size of wolf litters is directly related to the amount of prey in the area, and pups are born in the warmer months when prey numbers are highest. Wolf pups are often born in litters of anywhere between 5 and 17 individuals, and are fairly helpless for the first few weeks of their infancy. However, young wolves develop quickly, and will actually begin fighting with one another to establish their own hierarchies in the pack as early as 5 weeks old. Still, wolf pups rely on and stay with their pack until they’re about 3 years old. Wolves are well known for their howls, and this mini wolf pup is letting out a mighty bellow of its own! Crafted and painted with true-to-life detail, this wolf pup model is great as a gift, addition to a nature enthusiast’s collection, toy for play, and even as an educational tool. This toy wolf pup is 1.6in. L x 0.95in. W x 1.75in. H and is non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.