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Mini Baby Cow | Calf Figurine | Holstein Calf Figurine - 3.25in. L x 1.15in. W x 2.15in. H - 1 Piece (sl232729)

$ 7.95
SKU sl-232729

This is a Holstein calf figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Holsteins are incredibly popular dairy cows, making up 90% of the dairy herds in the U.S. today. A newborn calf weighs 90 pounds and will consume 50 pounds of food each day during its initial growth spurt until it gets up to an average weight of 1400 pounds. Like all calves, this Holstein has disproportionally longer legs, a shorter tail, and shorter snout. Otherwise, it’s very similar to its parents. This mini baby cow is black and white and measures 3.25in. L x 1.15in. W x 2.15in. H, is made out of hard plastic, is hand painted, and non-toxic/BPA free. This calf figurine is sold as one piece per package.