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Mini Boar | Pig Figurine | Boar Figurine - 4.25in. L x 1.3in. W x 2.2in. H - 1 Piece/Pkg. (sl235229)

$ 8.95
SKU sl-235229

This is a boar figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). A boar is a male pig capable of breeding. Two popular breeds that display pink coloration are the Chester White and the American Landrace. However, both breeds are technically considered white. Their skin looks pink because of the color underneath. This stocky mini boar would love to be part of your miniature farm. It’s perfectly proportioned for an adult male, with an active, intelligent face. This pig figurine is 4.25in. L x 1.3in. W x 2.2in. H and has darker colors about the trotters, snout and ears, just like real pigs. Non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.