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Dalmatian Figurine | Mini Dalmatian | Dalmatian Replica - 3in. x 2.75in. - 1 Piece (sl239529)

$ 9.95
SKU sl-239529

This is a Dalmatian figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Dalmatians have long been associated with fire departments, a story that stretches back to the Civil War era. Before shiny, massive fire trucks, before the internal combustion engine, fire fighters arrived at infernos on horse-drawn wagons. One wagon would carry a steam-powered pump, another would carry ladders, a third would carry extra hoses, others would bring more supplies. These horse-drawn fire fighters relied on carriage dogs to keep the horses focused on moving, and Dalmatians were the carriage dog of choice. In this setting, their brains and energy served them well, allowing them to run alongside horses with confidence. Since those days, steam has been replaced, and fire stations no longer keep stables, but even 150 years later, the Dalmatian is still intimately associated with fire fighters. The Dalmatian is a very popular breed of dog and hails from Croatia's historic Dalmatia region. The Dalmatian rose to fame in 1956 when "101 Dalmatians," a book for children, was published and again in 1961 when the original "101 Dalmatians" film was released. This mini Dalmatian is made out of plastic that is BPA/phthalate/lead free. This Dalmatian replica is hand painted with fine detailing for a realistic look. This miniature Dalmatian measures approximately 3in. x 2.75in. and can be used for a range of interests, including collectors, enthusiasts, teachers, and kids. Admire it on a shelf, use it in a classroom or simply enjoy playing with it. Sold as one piece per package. Not for children under 3 years of age.