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Mini Rooster | Toy Rooster | Rooster Model | Phoenix Rooster Figurine - 2.6in. L x 0.85in. W x 2.5in. H - 1 Piece/Pkg. (sl245029)

$ 6.49
SKU sl-245029

This is a Phoenix rooster figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Phoenix roosters are a highly unique breed, easily distinguishable by their saddle and sickle feathers, the long feathers that reach from their backs and tails, as well as their slate-colored legs. The feathers can grow to a foot long or more. This mini rooster is a silver Phoenix rooster, a male, proudly displaying the extensive saddle and sickle feathers for which the breed is famous. This toy rooster is 2.6in. L x 0.85in. W x 2.5in. H. and has the black and white feathers of a silver Phoenix, along with a red comb and wattle. This Phoenix rooster model is non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.