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Mini Piglet | Toy Piglet | Piglet Figure - 2in. L x 0.55in. W x 1.55in. H - 1 Piece (sl245729)

$ 5.95
SKU sl-245729

This is a piglet figure from Safari Ltd.(r). Piglets are precocious animals, born with teeth and the ability to suckle immediately. They first fight for space with their littermates, but eventually a teat order is established. Stronger piglets get the best positions, which stimulates more milk for the rest of the litter. This active, happy-go-lucky toy piglet is ready to play. With head raised and mouth open, the playful mini piglet is a joy to have on the farm. This light pink piglet figurine measures 2in. L x 0.55in. W x 1.55in. H, is made out of hard plastic and is hand painted, and is non-toxic/BPA free. Its trotters are dark pink, and it also has darker, lifelike shading about the face and snout. Sold as one piece per package.