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Toy Baby Pig | Miniature Piglet | Sitting Piglet Figurine - 1.5in. L x 0.7in. W x 1.65in. H - 1 Piece (sl245829)

$ 6.95
SKU sl-245829

This is a sitting piglet figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). A piglet is any young pig, while a litter is a group of piglets born together. The smallest piglet in the litter truly is called the runt, while any pig still nursing is called a sucker. The time between birth and weaning is known as farrowing, and young pigs that are weaned are known as shoats. This adorable piglet looks like a Chester White, an easy-going breed that originated in Pennsylvania. It could be sitting for many reasons, but pigs are smart enough to be trained. Many breeds of pigs, including this piglet’s type, look pink, even though they have white fur. This toy baby pig measures 1.5in. L x 0.7in. W x 1.65in. H, is made out of hard plastic and is hand painted, and is non-toxic/BPA free. This miniature piglet is sold as one piece per package.