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Mini Dairy Cow | Miniature Dairy Cow | Holstein Bull Figurine - Hard Plastic - 5.05in. L x 1.6in. W x 3.35in. H - 1 Piece (sl246929)

$ 11.95
SKU sl-246929

This is a Holstein bull figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). It’s tough being a bull in a breed known almost exclusively for prodigious dairy production, but such is life for Holstein Bulls. Holsteins were raised for beef historically, but other breeds are far more efficient beef cattle these days, making the job of an adult Holstein bull relatively easy. Holsteins are one of the most instantly recognizable of all cattle breeds, perhaps because they are, quite literally, the poster animal for American dairy production. This bull is up to the challenge, with the ideal color pattern of a Holstein. This hand painted mini dairy cow figure features a nice balance of black and white, along with realistic coloration about the face. This miniature dairy cow figurine measures 5.05in. L x 1.6in. W x 3.35in. H and is made out of hard plastic. This toy cow is non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.