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Mini Baby Donkey | Baby Donkey Figurine | Donkey Foal Figurine - 2.65in. L x 0.85in. W x 2.7in. H - 1 Piece (sl249929)

$ 7.95
SKU sl-249929

This is a donkey foal figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). A foal is a baby donkey. Grown male donkeys are jacks, and grown females are jennets. Although resembling a horse, donkeys have several unique characteristics, including longer ears, larger eyes, stronger hooves, and a distinct braying call. Like horses, this donkey foal has longer legs disproportionate with its body size. This accommodation ensured that young animals could begin to walk and run quickly and thereby survive in the wild. This 2.65in. L x 0.85in. W x 2.7in. H baby donkey figurine displays the greyish brown color that gives the donkey its English name, which comes from the old English word dunkey, meaning greyish brown. A white underside and black mane and tail add contrast. This mini baby donkey is made out of hard plastic, is hand painted, and non-toxic/BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.