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Miniature Macaw | Macaw Model | Toy Macaw | Hyacinth Macaw Figurine - 3.95in. L x 1in. W x 1.75in. H - 1 Piece (sl264229)

$ 9.49
SKU sl-264229

This is a hyacinth macaw figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Native to central and eastern South America, the hyacinth macaw is the largest known parrot species, measuring over three feet tall from head to tail. They can be purchased as a pet but are demanding due to their size and personality, and are a good fit for only experienced owners. Sadly, due to illegal capture and habitat loss, the hyacinth macaw is classified as a vulnerable species on the conservation status spectrum. Thankfully, the hyacinth macaw is protected by multiple laws in many of the regions it’s endemic too, and long-term conservation initiatives have been put in place to help their population numbers stabilize. Similarly, hyacinth macaws tend to respond well to captivity, and zoos and sanctuaries have proved effective in bolstering their overall numbers. Like many larger parrot species, the hyacinth macaw can live to be 80 years old, meaning you’ll have this miniature macaw for many years to come! Expertly painted and professionally sculpted, this hyacinth macaw model is designed to capture the essence of the natural world with lifelike detail. This toy macaw is 3.95in. L x 1in. W x 1.75in. H and is non-toxic and BPA free. Sold as one piece per package.