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Mini Peacock | Peacock Model | Toy Peacock | Peacock Figurine - 1in. L x 4.05in. W x 2.85in. H - 1 Piece (sl264629)

$ 13.95
SKU sl-264629

This is a peacock figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Did you know that the name peacock actually describes only male members of the species? Likewise, females are known as peahens, and the term peafowl encompasses both male and females. Peacocks are best known for their enormous and colorful tails. Although both species of peafowl are classified as least concern on the conservation status spectrum, they are the subject of illegal poaching for their meat and feathers. Still, it’s estimated that their worldwide population easily surpasses 100,000 individuals, and there are no immediate concerns that their numbers are dropping at an alarming rate. There are actually two species of peafowl, simply named the blue and the green peafowl. Because of its predominantly blue body, you can tell this expertly painted peacock model is a member of the blue peafowl species! This mini peacock is 1in. L x 4.05in. W x 2.85in. H and is non-toxic and BPA free. This toy peacock is sold as one piece per package.