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Dolphin Figurine | Miniature Dolphin | Toy Dolphin - 4.75in. L x 1.6in. W x 1.8in. H (sl275329)

$ 9.95
SKU sl-275329

This is a dolphin figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Although there is just one species of Bottlenose Dolphins, there two ecotypes, a coastal variant and a deep-water type. The coastal dolphins are about 9 feet long and weigh 500 pounds, while the deeper dwellers are 12 feet long and weigh about 1000 pounds. This active miniature dolphin appears to be leaping from the water, revealing the playful face and apparent smile for which the species is famous. With sleek grey skin and a lighter whitish underside, this 5-inch toy dolphin figure looks ready to dive. It is 4.75in. L x 1.6in. W x 1.8in. H. Non-toxic and BPA free.