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Coiled Basket Kit - Pine Needle - Quick Start - makes one 3in. Basket

$ 32.95
SKU tck-cbkpnqs

Step by step you will learn how to coil and stitch a fragrant pine needle basket of your own design. Choose from eight easy basketry stitches and a variety of lovely basket shapes. As you stitch your basket, you will find all the cares of the world fading away - a wonderful, calming activity! This kit contains long pine needles, natural raffia, coiling gauge, tapestry needle and easy-to-follow instructions to complete a 3inch Basket. Allow a few hours - all in one day or over several sessions. Ages 10 and up. Adult participation is necessary for younger ages. All materials in this kit are reusable or recyclable. These unique kits teach traditional craft skills, offer historical background and allow for creative expression.