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Race Horse Figurine | Thoroughbred Figurine - 1 Piece (sl100092)

$ 12.95
SKU sl-100092

This is a thoroughbred figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). The term "Thoroughbred" is occasionally (and incorrectly) used to refer to any purebred horse, but it specifically refers to the Thoroughbred breed. This horse is specialized for speed and agility, and as such known for its achievements in racing, dressage, show jumping, polo, and other equine competitions. The Thoroughbred roots can be traced back to three sires (two Arabians and one Turk), noted for their energy and stamina, who were bred with English mares. Today, Thoroughbreds are often cross bred with other horses to introduce their qualities into existing breeds. Such breeds include the American Quarter Horse, the Standardbred, and quite possibly the Morgan horse. This race horse figurine is made out of hard plastic and is hand painted with fine detailing for a realistic look. This majestic horse replica measures approximately 6.5in. x 4in. and is sold as one piece per package.