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Mini Donkey | Donkey Model | Toy Donkey| Donkey Figurine - 3.95in. L x 1.15in. W x 2.95in. H - 1 Piece (sl249829)

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This is a donkey figurine from Safari Ltd.(r). Donkeys were originally domesticated in Egypt around 6000 years ago from wild Nubian asses, a species that is now threatened with extinction. Not as large as horses, they could still carry heavy loads and were prized as desert-adapted pack animals. This domestic donkey has many horse-like qualities, but don’t let the smaller size fool you. Donkeys are strong animals adapted to harsh conditions. Painted in classic donkey colors, with a light grey hide, white underside, and black mane and tail, this 4-inch-long mini donkey model is non-toxic and BPA free. This toy donkey is sold as one piece per package.