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Basket Weave Kit | Twined Bag Kit - Flat Style - Makes One 4in. x 4in. Twined Bag (tcktbf)

$ 32.95
SKU tck-tbf

This is a twined bag kit - Flat Style - from Traditional Craft Kits(r). The instructions to this basket weave kit (bag weave kit) will teach you how to twine a small bag with false embroidery designs. Twining is a weaving method where two or more horizontal weavers twist around vertical spokes. Generally, the materials used for twining weavers are soft and flexible while the spokes can be more rigid. Bags,as well as baskets, rugs, mats, and clothing, can be constructed with the twining technique. This bag weaving kit will teach false embroidery which is a technique to create a pattern on top of the bag while twining. Prepare to spend some time (possibly more than 15 hours over several days) on this project. Weaving takes time and patience, and the process and achievement is important to experience. Take breaks when you need and enjoy learning a new skill. Once you learn this skill you can apply it to many other materials and design options. Kit includes: Hemp twine, yarn, and color photo instructions. You will need: Scissors and a ruler. This kit makes one twined bag about 4in. wide by 4in. tall. Ages 12 and up, adult participation necessary for younger ages. Made in USA.